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Introducing GobiPlus.

From the experts at Gobi, GobiPlus is the latest innovation in drug and alcohol prevention/intervention for teens. GobiPlus incorporates all the benefits of the Gobi program—plus extra, direct support from a live counselor.

The free, standard Gobi program works for most youth and parents but based on some teens initial answers we developed the option of our GobiPlus program. During the Gobi program’s first few days we will ask questions about your teen’s access to and use of substances. Teens are very open online. After looking at the answers and if we suspect there maybe a bigger problem we may suggest you consider GobiPlus. The program consists of:

· Two 40-minute video conferences with you the parent

· Three 40-minute video conferences with your teen

· Ongoing asynchronous text support (we will answer as soon as we can).

The technology we use is HIPPA secure. Our counselors are all licensed and have passed background checks.

The cost of GobiPlus is $250 and runs as additional support as your teen continues the Gobi program.

Help is available. The time is now.

We believe everyone who needs it deserves access to world-class support.
That’s why GobiPlus is offerred for a one-time, inclusive cost of $250.

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The experts at Gobi may recommend GobiPlus as an optional investment based on the proven screening techniques built into the Gobi program.


Gobiond - Continuing Care

Gobiond is our continuing care for teens or parents after completing the 21-day program. It is available as a continued support program for either teens or parents or both!
This program offers packages of 5 video conferences on an ongoing basis for $250.