Stop destructive behavior, before it’s too late.

Teens using Gobi report:

  • Improved relationship with their parents
  • A decrease in their use of drugs and alcohol
  • Better ability to manage stress
  • Increased awareness of their choices

These are real results from real Gobi clients.

We know you’d do whatever it takes to put your teen on a healthy path, but we want you to achieve results before it’s too late. The alternatives?*

Intensive outpatient treatment. A budget-shattering inpatient program. Or, worse: life-altering, life-threatening consequences.

“I feel like my parents have more trust in me. I feel like I’ve learned helpful tools. I know how to handle stress and say no as to not get peer pressured into certain things. I’m glad I decided to do this program it’s left me with valuable tools that I can continue to use.”


Estimated cost of a 30-day inpatient program:
$15,000 — $35,000

Estimated cost of outpatient treatment:
$3,000 — $10,000

Estimated cost of assessment with a licensed drug and alcohol counselor:
$150-250 for a single session

Estimated cost of treatment with a therapist:
$150-250 per session, with expectation of repeated sessions

Gobi is an education-based program that provides a self-administered guide to promote self-examination and a healthy lifestyle. Gobi is not a treatment program or intended to be a substitute for treatment.  If your teenager is experiencing significant impairment in functioning because of the use of drugs or alcohol, or due to any other reason, they should receive a professional assessment by a trained clinician.