More Teens Speak Their Truth Online 2

The teens that have tried Gobi provided insights about the program that is both revealing and empowering.

  • 70% of respondents reported they only did things for another’s approval
  • Approximately 80% of teens trust their friends, while outliers “cautiously trust” their friends
  • About 80% of respondents said happiness was more important than money

By the end of the program, most teens said that they were thinking differently about their using and had either stopped or significantly cut back on their drinking. When asked about changing their lifestyle and using habits for the better, one teen said, “Because it’s a matter of my life.” Both parents and teens reported that the walks had been very helpful in getting communication going again. As we know so well, trust and honesty are the foundation for getting teens and parents connected. We believe that there is no better feeling than getting communication on track with your family and the world around them.

We are encouraged by these early results. They show teens are not only willing to change, but they are looking to change and want help in doing so. They find Gobi’s online/mobile platform convenient, familiar, easy-to-use, helpful, but most importantly, they trust it.