Link Between Alcohol Marketing and Youth Drinking Grows Stronger

A review of studies from around the world by Johns Hopkins University found that young people who have greater exposure to alcohol marketing are more likely to initiate alcohol use and engage in binge drinking.  Twelve studies were reviewed from Asia, Europe and the US, all 12 found positive correlation between levels of marketing exposure and youth alcohol consumption.

One study that came out in the summer 2016 showed that kids that drank alcohol, drank the brands that were advertised during the shows they watched.  Manufacturers are supposed to be self-regulating and while on the old network TV channels there is a ban on alcohol advertising during the evening hours, this does not seem to apply to cable channels.  The Johns Hopkins study also claimed that “Exposure to alcohol marketing through digital media is associated with higher rates of drinking.”

We have created a culture where adult fun is equated with alcohol.  We don’t mean to suggest that any alcohol consumption is bad. We want Gobi to help teens and their families sort out these issues and offer a way for teens to think through their behaviors and have an open dialogue.