Technology-Based Interventions for Substance Use are found promising!

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A study released this spring in the Harvard Review of Psychiatry, reviewed nine studies of technology-based interventions for substance abuse and comorbid disorders. It found promising results especially for programs that addressed alcohol use.  The review states, “Technology-based interventions (TBIs) have the potential to provide a cost-effective platform for, and greater accessibility to, integrated treatments.” As another study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, also from this spring, titled “A Review of Effective Youth Engagement Strategies for Mental Health and Substance Use Interventions” noted:

 “Youth are reluctant to seek treatment and have high rates of dropout from interventions. An emphasis on youth engagement in prevention and treatment interventions result in better health outcomes for those youth. 

Pew Research has found that 86% of teens go online every day, and we all know that if you want to speak with your teen, you text them to call you.  We at Gobi are pioneers in providing the kind of technology-based intervention this review is talking about.  As a group of parents and clinicians we know about reaching teens, and we think it starts with a technology that they hold in their hand every day.