Vaping Marijuana – More potent than weed and could be a felony

A new study from Johns Hopkins University compared infrequent cannabis users comparing those using a vaping device and those that smoked it.  The study found vaping increased the rate of short-term anxiety, paranoia, memory loss and distraction.  Vaping has surpassed smoking as the means of getting lit and as one article puts it vaping “gets you way, way higher”.

The Johns Hopkins controlled study was of 17 volunteers that had not used marijuana in the last 30 days.  Each person was given the equivalent of 0, 10 or 25 milligrams of THC, the active ingredient that gets people high.  Participants either smoked or vaped preloaded pipes. Neither the participants nor the researchers knew the doses that were administered.  Even 25 milligrams is a much lower dosage than is commonly found in stores where marijuana is legal. Participants were then asked to complete a Drug Effect Questionnaire.

Results showed that a few minutes after smoking, those who vaped the 25-milligram THC dosage reported an average of 77.5 on the overall strength of the drug’s effect, meaning how high they felt compared with the average score of 66.4 reported by those who smoked the same dose. Participants who vaped 25 milligrams of THC reported about a 7 percent higher score on average for anxiety and paranoia, compared with people who smoked the same amount of the compound. Those who vaped any dose of THC also reported higher levels of dry mouth and dry eyes than those who smoked it. For example, when vaping 25 milligrams of THC, the participants rated dry mouth at 67.1 on average compared with 42.6 for those smoking it.


Of particular note for teens is that most State’s marijuana laws have not caught up to the vaping trend.    In Minnesota, for example, possession of less than 1.5 ounces is a misdemeanor – even for a teen.  But possession of marijuana oil (which is used in vaping) by a minor, is a felony.  We have talked with several families where their teens are facing felony charges.  Please check your own states laws on this issue.

At Gobi we are very concerned with the use of vaping and the extraordinary strength of cannabis available in today’s markets and what it is doing to our teens.  We think parents should know the effects but also should be aware of how the laws in your state might affect your teen.