Think the terrible twos were hard? Try talking to teens about their drug and alcohol use. This is the stuff of parenting nightmares. But the stakes are too high to ignore.

Let Gobi do the heavy lifting.

Gobi meets teens on their level—using a tool they already have in hand. (Literally.) This revolutionary mobile-based application turns a cell phone into a parent’s best ally.

Gobi is a comprehensive program based on the proven principles of professional drug and alcohol prevention. It’s designed specifically for teens, and it speaks their language. No stuffy clinical jargon here. 

— Mothers Against Drunk Driving Survey 2014

Program highlights:

A series of projects for teens to complete.
Results will be shared with a peer monitor. We track participation and keep you informed. These projects are quick and easy (think: ten minutes per day), and responses are stored on our secure server. Five minutes can change a life. Ten minutes can save a life.

Regular communication via text message.
They’re texting all day anyway. We make sure they’re receiving positive messages with insights, inspiration, support, and even funny pictures to lighten the mood. We speak fluent teen, which means the content is meant to be irreverent, humorous, cynical, and just offensive enough to keep them laughing (and engaged).

Parent and child conversations.
Parent involvement is critical. Don’t worry—we’ll get the conversation going and make it painless. On five separate occasions, your teen will be asked to schedule a time to talk with you. Topics and guidelines will be included to make the conversation as successful as possible, and parents will also receive program support.

Need more support? We’re here. Introducing GobiPlus

Why GobiPlus?

Let’s face it: Sometimes it helps to have an adult involved who’s not the parent or legal guardian. Our licensed alcohol and drug counselors (LADC) are specially trained in navigating sensitive topics and getting through to the teens who need support the most.

What does it include?

In addition to the full, 21-day Gobi program, GobiPlus includes:

  1. A one-on-one video conference between our Licensed Alcohol and Drug counselor (LADC) and the parent(s) or guardian(s)

  2. A one-on-one video conference between our Licensed Alcohol and Drug counselor (LADC) and the teen

  3. Continuation of the 21-day program with an enhanced level of interaction with the counselor via text communication

What is the cost?

Residential and intensive outpatient programs cost thousands, and insurance doesn’t often cover it. GobiPlus is offered for a one-time, inclusive cost of $250, because we believe everyone deserves access to world-class support.

Who could benefit?

GobiPlus is designed for families seeking more support.

Sometimes, parents or guardians approach us because their teen is struggling with sharing the whole truth about their substance use. Sometimes our screening process or initial sessions suggest a more significant problem that requires extra support and attention. Sometimes a teen just wants the opportunity to talk openly with someone outside the family.

Every story is different. Let’s help make sure yours has a happy ending. Join the GobiPlus program today.

The bottom line:

This could be the most important investment you’ll ever make. Gobi is free! If you need more support GobiPlus is only $250. The cost of more intensive treatment is astronomical.

The costs of not getting help? We don’t want you to find out.