Gobi Success Stories

Read how Gobi helped people just like you overcome the drug/alcohol usage.




“One specific thing about this program that has helped me is the goals that we set each week. When you set your goal around using, it rings on a whole different responsibility. The goals have helped me to stay straight with my priorities and to not let myself nor this program nor my parents down.”

“It’s important to have goals. It’s important to not fall into bad habits. I want to be successful and I don’t want my bad choices to limit what I can do later in life.”


“My parents let me do more and let me stay alone at my house. Before this program I wasn’t allowed to be left alone, that’s how much trust was destroyed. We’re on much better terms now though. After this program the tools given to me throughout have just been so useful and I find myself relying on them more than I thought I would.”

”I liked the talks with my parents. It was sort of uncomfortable at first but after that it really strengthened our relationship.



“I will carry forward ways to cope with stress and ways to say no to using. This is important to me because both are relevant to me so I can become a better person.”

””Less Stressed, more connected with my mom.””


“Answering the questions really made me think about my choices and opened my eyes to alcohol. I feel great. Alcohol is no longer any part of my life and I’m glad to overcome that. I am proud of myself.”

”I can carry forth the whole principle that drinking at my age does not bring me any good. I always saw drinking as a teenage party fun event and something that you do when you get up your mid-teens. I didn’t take into consideration all of the other risks that come from drinking not only young but in the circumstances I was drinking in..”

Making Decisions

“I feel more confident in my ability to make decisions that better serve my health as opposed to 21 days ago. I feel that way because of the insight I have gotten from this program and not only thinking more about it but implementing some stuff into my life.”

”make smart choices because the bad ones will always bounce back”