Drugs and alcohol don’t discriminate. Any teen and any family can fall victim to its effects. As a teen, pressures are everywhere. As a parent, it can feel like you’re the only warrior battling a million opponents.

You’re not alone. And you’ve got Gobi on your side.

Whether you suspect there’s already a problem or you want to help make sure there never is a problem, Gobi can help.

“...that I am stronger than I think and I can do anything if I try.”


“Is getting lit really worth it?” You have big plans. Billionaire-level plans. NBA-level plans. CEO-level plans. You’re not stupid; you know ending up with an arrest record (or worse) will mess everything up, but in the moment, it’s doesn’t seem like what you’re doing is so bad. Especially if everyone else seems to be doing it, too.

And it’s not like you can talk to your parents about it.

We get it. We’re not here to judge. We’re here to help.



If you’re like many parents, when you held your baby for the first time you envisioned a whole future: Bright. Happy. Healthy. You never envisioned the other side of things: Deception. Destructive behavior. Heartbreaking choices.

This is your reality. But it doesn’t have to be your future.

Gobi can help transform this into a single, closed chapter of your life—instead of the whole story. The rest is wide open.

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