Gobi is the only online prevention program designed by a group of professionals and young adults for teens and their families.

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How Does It Work


These projects are quick and easy (think: ten minutes per day), and responses are stored on our secure server.


Supportive Text Messages

Receive positive messages with insights, inspiration, support, and even funny pictures to lighten the mood.


parent/child conversations

Parent involvement is critical. Don’t worry—we’ll get the conversation going and make it painless.

How Does It Help

Our results show that after using gobi teens say they have


Better relationships with parents

Improved communication promotes a happy healthy relationship between parents and teens.



Developed strategies to deal with peer pressure and avoid high-pressure situations that lead to making healthy choices about their using. 


Better able to manage stresS

Useful tools to better understand handling pressure and stress reduce the chances of using.


More aware of their choices

Goal setting around dreams and aspirations lead to long term success and a better understanding of how choices impacts relationships.


Gobi Success Stories

Users shared their success stories. Read how Gobi helped people just like you.

“One specific thing about this program that has helped me is the goals that we set each week. When you set your goal around using, it brings on a whole different responsibility. The goals have helped me to stay straight with my priorities and to not let myself nor this program nor my parents down.”
— Gobi participant age 17
“I feel like my parents have more trust in me. I feel like I’ve learned helpful tools. I know how to handle stress and say no as to not get peer pressured into certain things. I’m glad I decided to do this program it’s left me with valuable tools that I can continue to use.”
— Gobi participant age 16

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