Gobi Support, Inc is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help teens and their families navigate through the issues of adolescent substance use.  Our education based mobile app provides a self-administered guide to promote self-examination and a healthy lifestyle.  Gobi is supported by charitable contributions.

Gobi is not a treatment program or intended to be a substitute for treatment.  If your teenager is experiencing significant impairment in functioning because of the use of drugs or alcohol, or due to any other reason, they should receive a professional assessment by a trained clinician.



Kim created Gobi because, as a parent of 4 and professional in the treatment business, he and his wife could not find any programs that were a suitable consequence for one of their children who was experimenting with substance use.  He saw an opportunity to create a prevention/intervention program that would reach kids where they lived, online and through their smartphones. 

Kim began working in the field of addiction recovery in 2005 as the Executive Director of New Business Development for the Hazelden Foundation where he led the effort to expand Hazelden’s online business opportunities.  In 2010 he cofounded Clere Consulting LLC., focusing on interventions and long-term case management for families of wealth.  He is also a serial entrepreneur having started 5 different companies and served on the boards of over a dozen local and national nonprofit organizations. 

Kim is a person in long-term recovery, which means for him that he hasn’t used drugs or alcohol since August 13th, 1988. 

Jeff glover, MA, LPCC, LADC

Jeff has worked in the field of co-occurring mental health and addiction for 15 years, with particular focus on adolescents and families navigating the complex challenges around substance use, mental health and other addiction-like behaviors.  More recently he has focused on challenges around food, compulsive exercise and eating disorders.

With a history of working in several outpatient and residential treatment environments, Jeff currently works in private practice in Minneapolis/St. Paul where he has expanded his services to online therapy and consulting.  His passion is helping people orient themselves around the concerns and problems, realize possibilities and support efforts towards better solutions--which is why he's so excited about working with Gobi!  

Robert Tisdale - Strategic Consultant

As a Consultant in the Healthcare industry, Robert is leading treatment centers and transitional sober living facilities through digital transformation along with producing original content and presenting innovative technology with an emphasis on solution within their branded workplace culture, expertise and operational needs. Resulting in aligning entertainment and other corporate leadership with ethical treatment center strategic alliances for the purpose of healing and saving lives.

Robert is a seasoned entrepreneurial entertainment executive and the Founder & CEO of Managing Artistic Concepts www.managingartisticconcepts.com, a talent and literary management / production & marketing company based in Los Angeles, Ca. The branded core values of Managing Artistic Concepts are “Positivity is our Birthright” and “Solution Entertainment Leadership”. Robert earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from Rutgers University and MBA from Loyola Marymount University.

Intervention/Prevention Board of advisors

Ken C. Winters, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Oregon Research Institute (Chair)

Rachel Castaneda, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, Azusa University

Jeff Lee, M.Ed., Senior Consultant and former Executive Director, International Society of Substance Use Professionals

Richard MacKenzie, M.D., Adolescent Medicine, USC (ret.)

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