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Improve communication
Rethink drug/alcohol use

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Gobi is the only online prevention program designed by a group of professionals and young adults for teens and their families.

Our results show that after using Gobi teens say they have


Better relationships with their parents


Decreased their using


Better able to manage stress


More aware of their choices


"One specific thing about this program that has helped me is the goals that we set each week. When you set your goal around using, it rings on a whole different responsibility. The goals have helped me to stay straight with my priorities and to not let myself nor this program nor my parents down."


"I feel like my parents have more trust in me. I feel like I've learned helpful tools. I know how to handle stress and say no as to not get peer pressured into certain things. I'm glad I decided to do this program it's left me with valuable tools that I can continue to use."


"I will carry forward ways to cope with stress and ways to say no to using. This is important to me because both are relevant to me so I can become a better person."


"Answering the questions on email really made me think about my choices and opened my eyes to alcohol. I feel great. Alcohol is no longer any part of my life and I'm glad to overcome that. I am proud of myself."

Making Decisions

"I feel more confident in my ability to make decisions that better serve my health as opposed to 60 days ago. I feel that way because of the insight I have gotten from this program and not only thinking more about it but implementing some stuff into my life."




  • Think about your hopes, dreams, and aspirations
  • Set goals to work towards those aspirations
  • Plan for your future
  • Manage and reduce stress in your life
  • Become more aware of your drug and alcohol use
  • Laugh and enjoy the lighter side of life

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  • Help your child become more aware of the level of impact and negative consequences of their drug or alcohol use
  • Engage your child in a conversation (with you as parents) about drugs and alcohol
  • Help your child set goals to limit or stop drug or alcohol use
  • Help your child recognize triggers that lead to use, think about alternatives to using, and develop strategies to avoid using in high-pressure moments

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